What Is A Gearbox & What Typically Goes Wrong

17 July, 2017

Is My Gearbox Faulty?

Given the complexity of a modern vehicle gearbox there is no wonder things sometimes go wrong or wear out.

What It Does

close up view of several gearbox shafts

Your gearbox sits between your engine and your driven wheels. Each gear provides different amounts of torque and speed at the wheels. First gear gives lots of torque which allows us to set of from stand still but seriously limits top speed, hence multiple gears are required.

When Things Go Wrong

close up view of a fully dismantled gearbox including casin gears shafts and bearings

Gearbox faults usually manifest themselves when either physically moving and engaging gears or through vibrations and or noise from the gearbox. Given this we can now see that any problems selecting gears or jumping out of any gear along with any noises or vibration are key signs your gearbox is in need of replacement or reconditioning by a specialist gearbox company.

Problems Selecting Gears

close up view of a gearbox layshaft with two gears that have several stripped teeth

Gear selection problems can be just a simple adjustment of linkages and or cables. It could even be your clutch but often you may need gearbox repairs.

Jumping Out Of Gear

close up view of a gearbox main shaft with almost all the teeth damaged

If your car jumps out of the same gear regular this can be a sign of worn or chipped gears involved with that particular gear. Excessively worn engine mounts can cause your car to jump out of any gear due to movement when accelerating.

Noises & Vibrations

close up view inside a ford gearbox bell housing showing the main shaft with oil leaking from its seal

If you can hear noise from and or you can feel vibrations through your gear lever odds are you have some worn bearings in your gearbox or your gearbox seals have failed and leaked oil. You should not drive your vehicle if you suspect any issues as catastrophic failure maybe only miles away.

How Can I Avoid A Faulty Gearbox?

close up side view of a reconditioned vauxhall gearbox

Vehicle engines last so much longer than engines of yesterday. It is not uncommon for an engine to do more than a quarter of a million miles. This is just one factor as to why you should pay attention to your gearboxes maintenance needs. Vehicle manufacturers state at what mileage you should change your oil so make sure you do. Ask your local garage when your vehicle is due for gearbox maintenance. They will be happy to look that up for you an advise you accordingly.

Final Thoughts

close up view of a partially dismantled gearbox with all the internal workings still instact showing the various gears, shafts and bearings in subdued dramatic lighting

If you can relate to any of these typical faulty gearbox symptoms and don’t act in time your gearbox will eventually fail catastrophically resulting in your vehicle breaking down.

close up view of mark taylor from m and t transmissions

Sheffield Local interviewed: Mark Taylor, managing director, M & T Transmissions Gearbox experts in Sheffield repairing & reconditioning vehicle gearboxes for over 35 years. Rare, vintage or modern they will be able to fix your manual gearbox. M & T Transmissions Local page.

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Social Editor, Sheffield Local Home & Leisure

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